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Planning is a management function that involves setting goals, formulating missions and objectives then deciding best method to achieve them.Therefore, planning is looking ahead and control is looking back. Corporate business planning is aimed towards business goals and objectives. Planning is a complex exercise of difficulties and uncertainties.

The five dimensions of corporate business plan are,

  • Time
  • Entity
  • Organization
  • Elements
  • Characteristics
For not only business, time planning system is required to lead a effective life to achieve the goal. Student plans to score first rank, team plans to win the game, normal man plans to keep his body fit, farmer looks for correct monsoon to get high yield and so on.The plan may be either short range or long range, may be executed year after year on rolling basis. If needed it can be extended to get the opportunities to correct or revise.
If we consider management it is divided into top level, middle level and first level management. For each level the planning process differ.
  • Top management planning - Strategic planning
  • Middle management planning - Tactical planning
  • First level management planning - Operational planning
Strategic plan focus on broad future, considering external environment demands as well as internal resources. Tactical plans translate strategic plans into specific parts of the organization. Consequently they tend to have shorter time frames and to be narrower in scope. Likewise, operational plans translates tactical plans into specific goals and actions for small units of the organization and focus on the near term, typically 12 months or less.


We should not always try to postpon our work. Finishing the job before the planning time is also good, because this gives the opportunity to verify our work and also try to schedule our other works in between that period of time. Knowing the precious of time many proverbs has been stated "time and tide waits for none", "time is precious than gold"......So, plan your schedule according to time to lead and enjoy the fruitful future with lots of success pending.


In der modernen Geschäftswelt ist es unnütz, ein ur-kreativer Denker zu sein, es sei denn, man kann das Kreierte auch verkaufen. Von Entscheidern ist nicht zu erwarten, dass sie eine gute Idee als solche erkennen, wenn sie nicht von einem guten Verkäufer präsentiert wird.

David M. Ogilvy