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Human being and relationship to quality

The nature of human beings
What is the quality of humanity?
Mainstream American culture is upbeat to that degree as it is assumptive that whatever achievement is possible if worked for, and that mankind is at long last perfectible - as the large indefinite quantity of assist publications and videos commercialized every year demonstrate.

But this presumption of perfectibility does not specify that the North American is evenly affirmative about his/her contestant numbers in day-to-day connections. The construct that the negotiating group regularly includes statutory staff implies fear that the opposite party will renege on an understanding if given a loophole.

Many Europeans occupy a more negative conceptualization towards human nature.

They exhibit a greater distrust of experts, and take for granted that human motivations are more interwoven than do Americans. This is reflected in a preference for more intricate cognitive models of behavior and hence more intricate structures than are constituted in North American social groups.

Relationship to quality
What is the being's relation to quality?

Up until newly, USA culture has by and large perceived the human as disjoint from nature, and eligible to use it. Such activities as mining, damming watercourses for hydro-electric power, analysing and provision to control weather patterns, genetic engineering, all display a need for control.

However recently, the populace has become more cognizant of needs to preserve the environs, and this is mirrored in corporate marketing policies and the evolution of "reclaimable" and "biodegradable" products.

In general, perceptions of control are echoic in a preparedness to cope with human psychology, and human relationships. An illustration is provided by policy configured to adjust an organizational culture.

In relation, Arab culture minds to be extremely fatalistic towards attempts to change or modify the world. Humankind can do trivial on its own to attain success or fend off calamity.


Mut ist der Preis, den uns das Leben für die Gabe von Frieden abfordert.

Amelia Earhart

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