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Influence of Structure on Organizations

Structure of an organization is the manner in which hierarchies are positioned and the way tasks are arranged in an organization so as to enable for effective achievement of goals and objectives. The way an organization is structured has direct effect by dictating how successful an organization is going to be.

Indeed, the influence of structure on organizations can never be assumed as it has a direct relationship to the long term prospects of the organization.

Organizations' structure should be in such a way that the organization's tasks flow and are coordinated to ultimately reflect desired results. Structures that take a bureaucratic nature should be avoided as these organization arrangements are known to hamper achievement of objectives. They are complex and don't facilitate incorporation of individuality in the employees.

Organizations' structure should be able to facilitate information from the top management all the way to the lower level workers. This should be able to promote effective formulation of policies in the organization. Proper organizational policies will act as a guiding principle to successful running of the organization's activities. Information should also be flowing from the employees to the management with distortion and misconception.

A structure that enables for employees views and opinions is remarkable as it will assure that employees' say is heard and that will have the positive effect of boosted morale and ultimate improvement of performance of the organization.

A chain of command is vital in any organization structure as it will dictate the duties and rights of all employees and management and the boundaries that exist in the operation of these parties. Employees should know their duties so that they can be held responsible whenever they don't reach the set standards of performance. A structure that promotes teamwork in tasks should be adopted so that there are collaborative ideas and opinions and ultimate diversified ways of solving organizational problems.

An organizational structure that promotes an effective culture learning experience to employees is mandatory. This will be important to an organization that is seeking to integrate important and much needed values and beliefs that will be key to achievement of its targets. Organizational structures should ultimately exhibit the core values and attitudes of the concerned organization.

A vital influence of a well structured organization is that it will provide a system where employees are recognized for the efforts they render to the organization. This will have a positive influence as the workers will be motivated and hence ultimately improve the organization's goal achieving endeavors.


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