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The intrinsic Characteristics of Memory

The memory of human beings has some unique logic of remembering and these steps are only within us. Our biological and everyday activities spur this system of memory towards the final goal - remembering precisely. Here are a few of those elements.
  • Sensory - This is related to all our five senses, regular activation of each of which contributes to the memory recall button. It is important that you use every sense you are blessed with to hasten the process of memory.
  • Intensity - The potency of every memory is enriched with any particular aspect of the situation or event that tingles our brains like - intense absurdity, extremely funny, sexually stirring, or any other emotion-stirring facet of the situation. This helps to only enhance the ability of remembering the episode vividly and easily creates automatic visionary memory and gets embedded in the memory screen.
  • Outstanding - Something more than the ordinary or anything extraordinary immediately gets transfixed in the memory - it just does not get deleted.
  • Emotional - Our brains have a gatekeeper called amygdale that marks emotion-stirring events as "memorable". The events or happenings may be either intensely happy or immensely tragic; they may be either positive or negative, but enough to leave an indelible impact on the brain and memory. The amygdale is round in shape and the size of a pea in the middle of the brain.
  • Survival - This is an inherent quality of mankind and we remember and do anything that it takes to survive, right? The brain does that for us - anything that helps us to survive financially, emotionally, physically, or psychologically becomes a permanent part of the album called memory, something to dip into whenever required.
  • Personal importance - We tend to remember anything and everything that is directly concerned with our person.
  • Repetition - Memory is sharpened with repetitive recalls.
  • First and last - The onset of a situation or event and the final stages seem to be imprinted in our memories - this happens without fail.


Zu keinem Zeitpunkt gilt: 'Nun, jetzt bin ich erfolgreich. Ich kann mir gut ein Nickerchen erlauben.'

Carrie Fisher

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