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Freedom of Will or pre - defined Role I

Freedom of will is literally what we choose of our own volition to do. Our pre-defined role is the role we are forced into by our demographics and our society. Pre-defined roles can also be selected but then become a constraint, locking people into a specific life script once one has selected.

Knowledge can liberate someone from pre-defined roles. And with freedom of will, someone can choose to reinforce their pre-defined roles.

What defines pre-defined roles?

* Laws
Laws are determined by governments. In parts of the world under Shariah law like Saudi Arabia and northern Nigeria, the roles of women are sharply limited and enforced by law. Women cannot become political leaders or managers of men because Shariah states no woman can rule over men. Laws can also dictate acceptable and unacceptable professions based on caste, though this has faded away through most of the world.

* Rules
Rules are dictated by social groups ranging from clubs to employers. Pre-defined roles will dictate what rules will apply to a secretary and those that will apply to a manager. For example, a male manager asking many secretaries out for a date is not guilty of sexual harassment as long as he does not deny raises or promotions to those who say no. A woman who asks men above her position out on a date has violated rules of decorum and can be penalized for the offer to date, even if no sex or favoritism is involved.

Rules Versus Laws

Breaking a rule results in expulsion from a group or minor penalties, where breaking a law results in jail time or severe financial penalties. Rules are lighter restrictions than laws. Rules are more malleable and can be changed whereas laws require legislative action.

Rules for appropriate dress vary based on gender due to differences on anatomy. For example, no shirt, no shoes, no service applies to both men and women, but a topless woman could be arrested for lewd behavior where the man is simply refused service at the register. Where Shariah law is in effect, women who dress in Western fashion or refuse to wear the veil can be arrested, jailed and flogged.




Großes können wir nicht tun, nur Kleines mit großer Liebe.

Mutter Teresa

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