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Child Ego, Stages

Now before knowing what exactly is child-Ego let us have a lime light on what are the different Ego State Models. there are three ego state models,

1. Parent ego state
2. Adult ego state
3. Child ego state

For example , today you prepared yourself to do something very important next day (it may be anything which you give high priority as an adult) this is what exactly represents adult ego state. And suddenly the very next day you may not feeling likely to do that particular task which you thought to complete and postponed it (even you may be feeling bored or silly to do it at that time. Or even you may be acting lazy as you used to do when you were a kid.).

This kind of mirror images of the actions performed by you in your childhood represent child-ego. And these actions or your likes, dislikes or any such instances which made you sad and deceived are rooted still in your mind and act accordingly when you face a similar situation in your adult or parent stage.

Some times the discouragement and unexpected and unwilling reactions given by parents may also get imprinted in the heart of a kid and turn him/her into a fearful, disappointing and defiant kind of person as years pass.

Child Ego may be defined as a collection of multiple thoughts, which once affected you and which come into action even in a grownup state when related instances are faced. Many of them have child ego even at adult and parent stage , it has become very common in present days social and economic conditions and by living in a society which is a group of billions of people, each of them having their own prospective and trying to make others implement that. Which results in clash of thoughts and ideas.

But if a person knows about his/her behavior( in the sense if he is aware of his child ego) and use it in a positive way, then it may be advantageous to him/her. For example, consider a person in his childhood was very much interested in painting, but due to matter of time he got busy with his career and put that aside.

When he/she is stressful and lost in past thinking about his interests and regretting( on his disability that he/she couldn't convert that particular interest into a hobby) then if he/she starts doing painting as he/she used to do in his/her childhood then instead of messing up with thoughts they get relaxed, as it is proven that painting activates many neurons in the brain and thus results a relaxed state. So such kind of childhood unfulfilled interests may not damage our thoughts.

In other case the attempt to make their wants(being egoistic, taunting, depriving) fulfilled, may create conflicts in their mind and effect them a lot.


In der modernen Geschäftswelt ist es unnütz, ein ur-kreativer Denker zu sein, es sei denn, man kann das Kreierte auch verkaufen. Von Entscheidern ist nicht zu erwarten, dass sie eine gute Idee als solche erkennen, wenn sie nicht von einem guten Verkäufer präsentiert wird.

David M. Ogilvy

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