Head European Environmental

Head European Environmental Department

The Head of Department will have the responsibility for the implementation of environmental European regulations applicable to the European markets.

This will especially involve the guidelines for the return and recycling of electric and electronic equipment (WEEE) as well as the restrictions for the use of dangerous substances in such devices (RoHS), and the guidelines for packaging and batteries.

This will include maintaining a current information level on existing and pending regulations and their corresponding implementation to national law.

He will develop strategic pan-European measures to dutifully implement such regulations by all Company organizations and distributors. He will take charge of lobbying the company at national and European institutions, especially at the European Commission and the European Parliament as well as at national departments and business associations.

His area of responsibility will include the establishment and maintenance of a network of environmental authorities within Company, which will include determining the corresponding responsibilities and reporting duties. He will supervise the national implementation and dutiful reporting, and will suggest measures of correction in cases of deviation.

He will produce suggestions for the financing of measures and will calculate estimated costs for implementations as well as succeeding current costs.He will have the responsibility for the establishment of a reporting and supervisory system for monitoring financial and quantitative movements within the scope of product return systems.Furthermore, he will be responsible for the contacts to and cooperation with other companies in environmental concerns.

Staff reporting to him will be managed based on objectives. He will decide on measures for the improvement of their technological and social skills together with his staff, and will ensure transfer of such to daily routines.

The Head of Department will be required to demonstrate a high degree self-management and - reflection. Reporting to his superior will be governed by guideline objectives. Division-specific programs and goals will be discussed periodically and decided upon together with his superior.His activities and decisions have a major impact on company environmental policies and signpost the division's direction of development.


A university or college degree in chemistry, environmental control or in engineering.


More than 8 years.


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