Head Purchasing

Head Purchasing

The Head of Purchasing will have the responsibility for the procurement of non-commercial products and services. This will encompass maintaining structured administrative procurement processes for stationery, office equipment and general services as well as incoming delivery.


He will independently manage stock levels and purchase within a designated scope (i.e. according to financial magnitude, type of products). He will pre-negotiate the commercial aspects of service and frame contracts in coordination with his superior.

He will take charge of the administration of facility management contracts and their monitoring in concern to terms, contract duration and economy as well as of the maintenance of and continuous availability of all substantial data of stipulatory concern (i.e. rented area, energy consumption costs, cleaning costs etc.).

Furthermore, he will coordinate the insurance business for operations (except for transportation and demand losses). He will be responsible for the optimization of costs and work flow in his area and will be in charge of conceiving guidelines and procedures for the implementation of corresponding improvement measures.

In addition, he will be responsible for the administrative processing of special activities within the scope of staff sales and for monitoring the budget of planned fixed asset acquisitions.

Staff reporting to him will be managed based on objectives. He will decide on measures for the improvement of their technological and social skills together with his staff, and will ensure transfer of such to daily routines.

Management by his superior will be determined by defined principles and guidelines. Current programs and goals will be coordinated and decided upon with his superior, whereby the Head of Section will have freedom of decision in work flow and methods.


A university or college degree in business administration, or similar. Or: vocational commercial training with additional vocational training in commercial procurement.


More than 5 years.


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