Expert Back Office

Expert Back Office ABC XY

The Expert will be responsible for the administrative support of Sales and for the processing of orders for Computer Systems in the German market. He will collaborate with the IS department in defining and developing IT standards for order processing in his line of business (LOB).

He will responsibly, and across his LOB, coordinate contracts in concern to their validity within the scope of the Export Control Program. His tasks will include telephone service and correspondence, producing presentations as well as the maintenance of designated databases.

He will be the internal point of contact for customers and for the sales team and will take charge of answering or dissemination or follow-up of inquiries. Thereby he will also independently perform on inquiries and reprimands that surpass routine, or will independently decide on dissemination to functions for further processing there.

He will responsibly take charge of the support of field sales personnel, i.e. in processing offers and through the preparation and processing of public bids, through preparation of, organization of and participation in events and fairs.

Furthermore, his tasks will include independent acceptance and entry of incoming orders, monitoring of order status, processing of reprimands, filing of credit notes as well as the examination and clarification of discrepancies. In addition, he will be the technical point of contact in basic issues of order processing and will support his peers in more complex issues.

Further, he will be responsible for the establishment of goals for Back Office.

The tasks will be performed in an independent manner. He will coordinate methods for highly complex tasks with his superior. Management will include periodic review of principle tasks.


Vocational commercial training with subsequent experience of several years..


More than 5 years in a sales organization


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