Head Product Marketing

Head Product Marketing ABC EMEA

The Head of Department will have total responsibility for Business Planning and Product Marketing of notebooks and ‚Mobile Form Factors' (MFF) in the sales region EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa).

This will include Business Planning, Product Management and Product Positioning conform to markets for notebooks/MFF for the region in cooperation with EMEA and Country management.

He will control the processes for the planning of PSI and of the product roadmaps based on information from Company organizations, competitor benchmarks and customer

He will communicate the direction of business and will maintain its implementation in corresponding countries. He will regularly analyse the state of business affairs and will define and, if need be, implement corrective measures.

He will have the responsibility for the acquisition of and consolidation of customer requirements from the EMEA markets and for forwarding such results to Country HQ for future product planning.

He will conceive and plan the long-term product strategy and product roadmap for the regions. Furthermore, he will have the responsibility for an intensive market and competitor observation as well as for the evaluation of such and will regularly inform EMEA management on the market situation and business status. He will maintain the support of local product launches through supplying information materials, presentations as well as provide for technology and product support.

This will include providing for all information relevant to the products and market needed for further processing by Marketing Communication and by the eBiz Division as well as support for sales through conducting product, product strategy and technology presentations at fairs, events and at customer sites.

He will manage staff reporting to him based on objectives and will ensure their systematic further development.

The holder of this position will be required to demonstrate a high degree self-management and - reflection. Reporting to his superior will be governed by guideline objectives. Programs specific to the Division and goals will be discussed periodically and decided upon together with his superior.

His activities and decisions have a major impact on product and pricing policies and signpost the division's direction of development.


A university or college degree in business administration or in a technical field of study majoring in Marketing.


More that 8 years in an international sales organization of High Tech industry.


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