Customer Support Specialist

Product/Customer Support Specialist ABC

The Support Specialist will be responsible for mostly self-governing product evaluations of ABC products for specified products and for technical support of outsourced hotline services in European countries.

This will include the execution of testing procedures for product samples, documentation of the procedures and trial runs of new testing procedures for newly introduced product functions.

He will take charge of producing and communicating test reports and of exchanging information on all identified technical issues with the responsible development specialists and production sites in Country. He will apply the same processes in evaluating firmware modifications, HW design modifications and components delivered by external suppliers.

He will support external hotline support staff in solving technical issues that may also surpass routine and will produce solutions for issues of higher difficulty in coordination with Management and in close cooperation with Country headquarters. He will also support trainings for hotline staff with content and preparation. He will take charge of technical support for specified customers.

Furthermore, he will maintain contact and the exchange of information with responsible specialists of selected SW suppliers with the aim of ensuring compatibility of certain SW programs with Company products. Furthermore, he will be in charge of maintaining databases relevant to support activities.

The tasks will be performed in a mostly independent manner. Methods for more complex tasks will be coordinated with his superior. Work results will be reviewed on a regular basis.


A university or college degree in a technical field of study majoring in computer science.


3 to 5 years in an international sales organization of High Tech industry.

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