Key Account Senior

Key Account ABC XY Senior

The Key Account Senior will be responsible for self-governing sales at key accounts and for the expansion of key account business with allocated major customers, for distinct strategic potential customers and Premium Business Partners (ABC) on the German market for Product Line 123.

This will include independent producing customer-specific sales strategies and achievement of turnover goals.

He will be in charge of intensive and entire support and processing of defined and allocated key accounts / major potentials with the aim of maintaining and expanding long-term business development. He will be responsible for the processing of public bids and for the submittal of offers as well as for frame contracts with key accounts.

He will support sales partners in key account business with information, counsel and project management. He will be responsible for the planning and implementation of sales events for key accounts. Furthermore, will he be responsible for the development of business planning and strategies for the achievement of turnover goals of ABC and for the support of ABC staff in their sales activities.

Sales may also be concerned with key accounts / major potentials within the Global Platinum Customer Program (123; sales strategy for global, or multinational customers).

The tasks will be performed in an independent manner. He will coordinate content and methods for highly complex tasks and topics bearing intense influence with his superior. General guidance will include monthly review of principle tasks.


A university or college degree in business administration or in engineering.


More than 5 years in an international sales organization of High Tech.



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