Chief Assistant/Secretary

Chief Assistant/Secretary

The Chief Assistant will be responsible for performing assistance tasks for a General Manager and / or a Vice President.

This will include the entire scope of classic secretarial work in German and English language which will be performed with a high degree of self-initiative, i.e. scanning incoming mail, sorting the mail according to priorities and, if given, independent processing of such, preparing correspondence based on keywords, or the independent processing of correspondence, translations English to German and vice versa, maintaining data files, self-reliant filing of correspondence, acceptance and, if given, processing of routine customer inquiries.

Furthermore, he will take over appointment planning and review as well as travel preparation, booking and payment for his superior and the travel booking for the entire GO area.

In addition, he will take over self-reliant preparation and post-processing of discussions, meetings and conferences including taking down and post-processing of minutes-of-meeting, preparation of statistical charts, tables and calculations, preparation of presentation scripts, budget and cost reviews.

In addition, he will be in charge of a dedicated work area, i.e. processing of purchasing activities, merchandiser support, organizing wholesaler and cooperative fairs (exposés, manning and similar). Correspondent hereto he may initiate and implement new projects.

The tasks will be performed in an independent manner. He will coordinate content and methods for highly complex tasks and topics with intense influence with his superior. General guidance will include periodic review of principle tasks.


Successful completion of commercial vocational training and additional training to secretary; alternatively: successful completion of vocational training to linguistic correspondent.


More than 5 years.


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