Head Finace Applications IS

Head Finance Applications IS

The Head of Section will have the operative responsibility for the development, introduction and support of applications for the financial area for TEG and the European daughter companies.

This will encompass the analysis of TEG requirements, of European daughter companies and Japanese headquarters, structuring based on priorities and producing planning recommendations.

He will coordinate TEG needs with the reporting requirements of Japanese headquarters under consideration of business requirements and available data. Furthermore, he will be in charge of the definition, development, maintenance and documentation of applications, interfaces, expansions and shared databases.

He will be responsible for the clarification and depletion of dysfunctions in applications and of deviations between applications (internal and external).

He will maintain quick and precise availability of financial data for audits by making appropriate selections and deployment of expansions and through the support of existing applications.

Furthermore, he will be responsible for the implementation of a Europe wide communication and helpdesk structure for OCA, OFA and shared financial programs and databases.

Staff reporting to him will be managed based on objectives. He will decide on measures for the improvement of their technological and social skills together with his staff, and will ensure transfer of such to daily routines.

Management by his superior will be determined by defined principles and guidelines. Current programs and goals will be coordinated and decided upon with his superior, whereby the Head of Section will have freedom of decision in work flow and methods.


A university or college degree in computer science or in business administration majoring in information technology.


More that 5 years.


Wahres Wissen ist, das eigene Unwissen zu kennen.


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