Co-ordinator Payroll Senior

Co-ordinator Payroll Senior

The Co-ordinator will have the responsibility for the technical and timely correct processing of all tasks within payroll accounting under consideration of legal and trade union stipulations.

This will include independently performed monthly IT-based payroll accounting for German and Austrian staff members and for Japanese expatriates, including income tax notification, annuity accounting with health insurances and account alleviation with Accounting.

He will ensure the planning, development and implementation of retirement plans (company, trade union, legal) and will be in charge of the contract administration of company retirement plans and direct life insurance, including counselling of staff members.

Furthermore, his tasks will include maintaining timely and regulation-adherent supervision of travel/expense reports.

He will maintain the functionality of the technical infrastructure for payroll processing, retirement plans, time management and travel/expense report administration as well as for the administration and maintenance of base and work time records.

He will be responsibility for monthly and year-end statements in his area, including the calculation of reserve funds.

He will be in charge of preparing and forwarding information to the auditors of Internal Revenue Services (Finanzamt), social insurance organizations and of the professional guild.

He will prepare data for decisional platforms of management (i.e., indemnity payments, social choice layoffs).

He will provide for information pertaining to payroll, social insurance, income tax and trade union issues to staff members and managers, and will produce and sign affidavits. I

n addition, he will contribute to HR projects in concern to payroll topics, and may also assume the responsibility of project management.

The tasks will be performed in an independent manner. He will coordinate content and methods for highly complex tasks and delicate topics with his superior. General guidance will include periodic review of principle tasks.


Mercantile vocational training with additional training in human resource management (merchant human resources).


More than 5 years.


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