Expert Product CS EMEA

Expert Product Development Options CS EMEA

The Expert will be in charge of performing independent activities for the selection and development of peripheral devices and accessories (hardware and software) in the area of Computer Systems for the markets of EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa).

This will include the collection, consolidation and documentation of locally gathered market and user requirements in collaboration with the country mangers.

He will identify and evaluate 3rd party products and suppliers which correspond to local requirements and to the company strategy.

He will monitor the entire development process and will control adherence to performance specifications and delivery schedules.

He will take over the production and communication of information relevant to the products, including SWOT analysis, product positioning and recommendations for pricing in coordination with his superior.

He will take over the maintenance of the roadmap for 3rd party options and will develop instruments which will maintain efficient and structured information exchange between TEG, EMEA Toshiba organizations and German productions sites (TRO).

He will collaborate with the MarCom department and with TRO in producing guidelines for the design of product packaging, manuals etc.

He will take over the administration, cost control and reporting for the budget of product developments provided for by Japanese headquarters.

He will determine development milestones and technology minimum requirements and will take over the coordination of the test and registration process in collaboration with Japan and TRO as well as the official product release for admittance to the EMEA product portfolio.

Beyond that, he will control the certification process for notebooks, PDA's and servers in the region of EMEA as well as worldwide for wireless communication (Bluetooth, Wireless LAN). He will develop procedures for the standardization and simplification of the initiation and execution of certification processes.

He will have worldwide responsibility for the evaluation and adaptation of new products or of product specifications relating to Bluetooth standards.

The tasks will be performed in an independent manner. He will coordinate content and methods for highly complex tasks and topics with intense influence with his superior. General guidance will include periodic review of principle tasks.


A university or college degree in a technical field majoring in information technology.


More than 5 years in an international sales organization of High Tech industry.


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