Head MNA Sales SDD

Head MNA Sales SDD

The Head of Section will have operative responsibility fort the sales of Storage Device Products to strategic major accounts (Multinational Accounts) in European countries. He will plan customer-specific sales strategies in coordination with his superior and will produce concepts for the achievement of sales goals.

He will be responsible for achieving the sales goals of his area and will review the results in defined periods of time.

He will ensure the support and service for major accounts concerning technical and product management requirements.

He will collaborate with Marketing and Product Management in transferring customer-specific requirements and specifications to Japanese headquarters.

He will be responsible for the coordination and support of all pre- and post-sales activities relevant to customers and of the constant review of stock levels of customer-owned just-in-time warehouses.

He will maintain his area's communication to customers and to customer-owned production sites and to international SDD Sales.

Staff reporting to him will be managed based on objectives. He will decide on measures for the improvement of their technological and social skills together with his staff, and will ensure transfer of such to daily sales routines.

Management by his superior will be determined by defined principles and guidelines. Current programs and goals will be coordinated and decided upon with his superior, whereby the Head of Section will have freedom of decision in work flow and methods.


A university or college degree in a field of economics or in a technical field.


More that 5 years in an international sales organization of High Tech industry.


Ein ambitioniertes Pferd kehrt niemals zu seinem Stall zurück.

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