Business Application Analyst IS Senior

Business Application Systems Analyst IS Senior

The Senior Systems Analyst will be responsible for independently performing tasks in the production, development, implementation, adaptation and support of application programs and of standard software products.


This will include the analysis of complex business process, the adaptation of existing IT applications, the production, the development and testing of new IT applications and council in the selection and deployment of standard software (for ERP and SCM systems).

Furthermore, he will produce data models and interfaces to existing applications for business analyses. He will maintain the functionality of exiting applications and will take over their support and optimization including system and database administration.

Furthermore, h will council and support the departments with indications as to possible improvements of process flow, analysis, selection and testing of applications solutions and will take over the training of users in implementation phases.

He will take over project planning tasks and will contribute to the further development of IT standards, their documentation and the implementation of new methods and tools.

He will coordinate the Europe wide deployment of applications and will temporarily take over IS councillor and management tasks for smaller European subsidiaries.

The tasks will be performed in an independent manner. He will coordinate content and methods for highly complex tasks and topics bearing intense influence with his superior. General guidance will include periodic review of principle tasks.


A university or college degree in computer science or in business administration majoring in electronic data processing. Alternate: vocational commercial training majoring in electronic data processing and long years of corresponding experience.


More than 5 years.


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