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Dynamic Entities

Basics of Systemic Thinking

The systematic thinking is necessary for all kind of management and processes inside the organization on day to day work basis for its growth, sustainability in the market and competency. So, one should have the fundamental knowledge and appropriate skill set to implement and get success. A primer can build the foundation for all management trainees.

As a primer, one needs to have a strategy to make all the plans as dynamic entity and need to train the management trainees the same. A primer should go through a systematic approach which would be valuable and of quality work. The focusable area should basically be on 1) The organization complexity, 2) Individuals role and responsibility, 3) Administration and Communication competencies and 4) Customer interactions and values. At the same time a primer should remember, the rules and processes should be dynamic entities, so that in the future those can be changed in the favor of organizational growth.

This is also one of the basic and primer thinking of a primer to convert all the management trainees to an individual dynamic entity. So, that they can adapt and make adaptable others in the organization and can implement the new values to give a new shape to the current situations for the better future.
An individual should think about the quality work and growth of the organization, this is one of the main strategic thinking of a primer.

Some of the basic thinking of a Primer:-
a) Time management and priority settings.
b) Goal, planning and estimation.
c) Problem solving skills and decision making.

A primer should be clear and make a plan of his thinking for management trainees. This is very much essential to make an individual a dynamic entity as well as the processes needs to be executed or has been executed.


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