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The Power of Feedback

The process of feedback will definitely continue to play a huge role in the future of performance management. Some organizations may use it badly, while some may help the people and organizations to reach their true potential.

The real value of feedback is to help people to get to a higher level of performance, to achieve more and to grow both professionally and personally. Approached in this mind set, it is truly a powerful process. These being said, feedback is also considered as being developmental and its real power comes from using it. The performance achieved is according to the individual use of feedback and how they create their own developmental plan which is uniquely tailored to their own needs and also having a system to track their progress.

It is important that we constantly keep a track on our performances, because without a system to facilitate developmental goals, feedback that is offered may be a wasted effort.

A feedback process can have multiple positive effects. For example, it is extremely motivational for someone to receive a performance feedback which is meant to help him improve, this has a high impact on both productivity and efficiency. By offering a feedback in order to contribute to the growth of another, this automatically boosts the motivation for making certain performance improvements. So basically in order to improve, everyone needs and wants feedback, reason why it’s considered to be the best performance motivator there is.

Also through a feedback process the satisfaction gained is enhanced, thing that is very important because this represents an important attitude which leads to increased commitment, greater levels of performance and higher levels of retention. This satisfaction can only be met if the needs of a certain person are fully known. This lack of information can lead to poor performance, frustration, turnover and increased absenteeism. So in order to improve satisfaction and open the communication process, a safe structured process provided in a good feedback model is the best way to do so.

In conclusion we all need feedback for our development, it is a powerful stimulant which can help us to achieve personal changes for the better and also to discover more about who we are.


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