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Interactive Systems and Open Systems

Any system that regularly allows and does exchange feedback and data with the external systems is called an open system. It is also characterized by changing its behavior or functioning as a response to the input from outside the system.

In other words, they are controllable by the external systems to some extent.

Their elements will keep on interacting with the environment they are in. Interaction could be in the form of information, some kind of data or any material. In the context of our social environment or any organization, there is a continuous feedback loop between managers and resources working for them. Any living organism adjusting to the environment it lives in is another example of the open system.

Most business organizations not only try to understand their market and end consumer behavior by scanning, researching and evaluating their environment they operate in, but also try to transform and influence the market through advertising and promotions. In fact, any small or large scale business evolves through its lifetime by understanding their improvement areas during their lifetime.

A system whose functioning is the result of an interaction with other systems and is controlled by this interaction is called an interactive system. A very simple example of such a system is computer, whose functioning is a result of its interaction between them and their users or other computers in the same network.

Similarly, an arcade video game or online board game like chess would work by responding to the actions or inputs by their users. This behavior is not just limited to games and computers, a car driver would also control the working of car system by its actions on steering wheel, gears, break etc.

Interactive system and open system are similar in terms of one system having a considerable influence on the other. Difference is that an interactive system has almost no choice in terms of how much and whether or not it can be controlled by the external system.


Träume als würdest Du ewig leben. Lebe als würdest Du heute sterben.

James Dean

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