Persönliches Wachstum


Use of body language also known as kinesics, is a non verbal form of communication.  Although use of body language is not guided by specific science principles, gestures derived from two intimate persons strongly indicate their feelings for each other.

Both social and sexual relationships are best nurtured when the two parties have mastered the use of body language.

During the initial stages of a relationship, use of too many words to express ones feelings is considered inappropriate and thus new couples mostly prefer use of body language to convey their affection for their partners.

Use of body language can be used to decipher  the condition prevailing in a relationship. Excitement on a partner's face, routine kisses and hugs, dilated eyes while talking to a partner are some of the expressions that indicate that the relationship is comfortable. While avoidance of eye contact, leaving space or turning back while talking to a partner are symptoms of an uncomfortable relationship. Use of body language is also a common feature when individuals of opposite sex first meet and sexually drawn to each other. Constant eye contacts body contacts characterizes these attractions.

It is always in order to learn combinations in use of body languages because some responses from individuals can often be erroneous thought to indicate an attraction but maybe a unique trait of an individual.

To sustain a stable relationship, it is good to master one's partner, knowing how they respond through use of body language only makes understanding them better even easier. When one is not interested in something they are not likely to say that but through use of body language it is very easy to tell when your partner needs a change, is angry or needs more of something. Understanding one's partner use of body language makes difficult relationships tolerable and stable relationships stronger.


Viele Leute haben Mißerfolg ohne zu erkennen, wie nahe sie am Erfolg waren, als sie aufgaben.

Thomas Edison