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Life Script Endings I

When a life script is composed by an individual various influences will determine what ending will be decided on. It was originally thought that winners had no scripts and losers had Loser scripts.

However it is now thought that people without a life script exhibit certain mental problems and lack direction in their lives as they have no overall basis for purposeful decision-making.

It is now thought that winners have Winner scripts and losers have Losers scripts and there is a spectrum of script from Super Losers thru Banal to Super Winners (Richard Branson. Bill Gates).

It might be a good time to note something which does not seem to have been stressed in the literature:  a person may be a financial winner and yet be spiritually mediocre and a relationship loser and physically and intellectually mediocre.

Warren Buffet is a Financial Super Winner and yet has not been as successful in his relationships. I am unaware of his level of spirituality. Buddha was an undoubted spiritual Super Winner but went from extreme wealth to a life of poverty (although this was a conscious choice) and also a relationship Loser as he abandoned his wife and children.

But it does seem that we might have different scripts for different areas of our lives. These areas are possibly connected to the different intelligences which have been identified. And each script may have a different ending. Somebody like Michael Jackson could have been defined as a musical Super Winner who was destroyed by loser scripts in other areas.

It would seem that being a loser in certain life areas could be life-destroying. Somebody who is an emotional loser is headed for self-destruction whereas being a musical loser does not seem to have the same sort of impact, although a winner in this area could be very successful indeed, provided certain other competencies are in place.

So a Winner needs a minimum competence in certain life areas with a Winner script in at least one area for lasting success.


Nicht die stärkste oder intelligenteste der Spezies überlebt, sondern diejenige, die Veränderungen gegenüber am anpassungsfähigsten ist.

Charles Darwin

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