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Decoding Cross Transactions

Cross Transactions are best described in the legendary Eric Berne's Games People Play. The Transactional Analysis module explains the various transactions in terms of the Parent, Adult and Child ego states as propounded by Eric Berne in his 1960's classic.

The exchanges that keep taking place between the Parent (P), Adult (A) and Child(C) Ego states of individuals in various daily affairs give rise to several types of transactions - viz the Complementary or straight transaction, cross transaction and the duplex or complex transaction.

In every transaction there is a Transactional Stimulus (TS) and a Transactional Response (TR). The ego states from which either of these emanates in every transaction gives an indication of which type of transaction it is.

A Cross transaction arises when the TS and TR vectors in the P-A-C diagram intersect each other and the flow of communication stops.

If the TS is from Adult to Adult and the resultant TR is from Parent-Child, the consequent transaction is a cross transaction hindering the process of communication in the transaction. Similarly, if the TS is from Adult-Adult and TR is from Parent-Child or Parent-child and parent-child or Child-Parent and Child-Parent, then a cross transaction results.

Cross transactions are easy to get in to and are the most common cause of conflict in daily life, either at Office or home. A cross transaction manifests its occurrence through words, tone, behaviour and physical gestures. It often results in hurt emotions and strained relations. They result in surprise and discontentment for the sender of the message triggering a response from the adapted child ego state from that person.

Understanding cross transactions is said to be a great in conflict resolution. Cross transactions can be helpful when a negative parent or child stimulus is responded by adult response. This cross-over may result in a much mature adult-adult transaction.

Understanding the three ego states and analyzing the manifestation of these states in day-to-day transactions helps us to avoid cross transaction in all spheres of life contributing to balance, peace and harmony.


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