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Pep or Flop Your Relationship on Vacation

Is going on vacation a pep or flop for your relationship?  This is one of those things that can go both ways.  Going on vacation takes you out of your everyday comfort zone.  You get rid of all of those little things that you do together all the time

so there is more focus on the relationship.

There are two possible outcomes for this scenario:

1. Brings you closer together.  If you are each prepared to work on your relationship than taking a trip together can be a really good idea.  Getting into a new environment will strip away many of the distractions you are each used to and put more focus on how you relate to each other.  This will allow you to spend more time talking about how you feel about each other and yourselves. If that is the case then getting away might be the perfect tonic to pep up your relationship.

2. Highlights the problems.  The other way it can go is to make the issues you may be having more apparent.  Often times couples use distractions such as work or friends to hide from the problems in their relationships.  This gets a lot harder to do when you go away together.  If you're having a hard time communicating at home, you might just go away together and find you don't have anything to say to each other.  As much as that might be a hard thing to face, those problems will come to the surface eventually so getting them out in the open sooner might just be a good thing.

Vacation: Pep or flop for your relationship?

So if you've been wondering whether going on a vacation will be a pep or flop for your relationship, remember that it can go both ways.  Sometimes you need to expose issues before they can be dealt with, so either way getting away could be just what you needed.

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