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How to notice Infidelity

Many things have changed in the manner in which we look at relationships. Partners have become more tolerant towards various aspects that were earlier considered taboos. While a lot has changed, the one thing that is still not tolerated is infidelity. But infidelity is not something that people wear on a shoulder like a badge. Here are some tips that will help in identifying whether your spouse is cheating on you or not.

-    Long phone calls are one of the easiest giveaways. If you see calls from numbers that are unknown or long chain messages that have been exchanged with people you have never heard of, it might smell trouble.

-    If your spouse is obsessed with deleting emails and removing the history of chat messages then you know that there is something fishy about the whole thing. Why, otherwise would they want to hide the messages from you?

-    If you notice a change in body odor, you can be sure that he or she is spending a lot of time with someone else. Changes in body odor are natural when infidelity has been going around for some time.

-    A large number of office meetings, conferences and late nights at work can also be a sign of infidelity. However, this can also be a genuine case of extra workload. It is therefore suggested that you investigate further and check whether your spouse is where he said he or she would be. A call at the office landline or the hotel reception is a good idea.

-    If the infidelity is associated with a common friend, you shall start to see how your partner is awkward in the presence of that special person. However, you will need to be perceptive in order to notice these changes in behavior and body language.

Ensure that you confirm your doubts without making it obvious to your partner in case your fears are baseless.



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