General Manager Projection

General Manager Projection & Display Technology

The General Manager will have overall responsibility for the Projection & Display Technology Division including the functions of sales, sales administration, product management, marketing and service.

His area of responsibility will encompass the planning and supervision of the division's budget in adherence to the company's strategic goals.

He will produce mid- and long-term strategies for the achievement of goals specific to the division, which will be coordinated and designated together with top management. He will be responsible for the division's optimal structure and work flow as well as for goal-oriented internal and external communication structures.

He will maintain the planning and implementation of organizational, personnel and financial measures for the achievement of the strategic and operational goals. Staff reporting to him will be managed based on objectives.

The position holder will demonstrate the capability to lead, a high degree of integration skills, coordination skills and judgement as well as broadly based knowledge and an understanding of the contexts of complex functional areas. Reporting to his senior will be based on coordination and joint decision on the goals and methods and on mutual information. Results will be analysed periodically and, if need be, directional corrections made.

His activity and decisions will be determined by the company's guidelines and defined company goals, and wil basically be executed on his own responsibility and independently. They will have strategic influence on the company's policies and will signpost the company's direction of development.


A university or college degree in business administration or in a technical field of study.


More than 12 years in an international sales organization of High Tech industry, of which at least five years of sales and marketing experience in managing positions in IT industry.


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