Head Accounting

Head Accounting

The Head of Accounting will have total responsibility for the accounting system at ABC, at sales branches and designated subsidiaries within the scope of a shared service function.



This will encompass maintaining structured and timely process of operations activities in the areas of creditors, banks and liquid funds, taxes, products and assets (within the scope of a defined technical responsibility for Company operations / branches).

This will include balancing the accounts of creditors, debtors, products/assets and cash funds with the main journal for all branches. He will plan, coordinate and manage the monthly, semi-annual and annual balance statements for all Company operations / branches and will maintain their timely processing as well as their compliance to legal and company-internal regulations.

He will be responsible for the consolidation of the company's results and of the company's operations / branches and production sites up to the finalization of the limited liability (GmbH) business balance statement within the scope of the annual balance statement.

He will coordinate collaboration with external revisors as the main point of contact. He will be responsible for the planning, organization, management and controlling of inventory and assets.

He will maintain the application processes for value added tax and consolidated notices as well as the documentation of transfers according to legal stipulations. Furthermore, he will council and support the business units in all issues and cases relevant to taxation and accounting.

His area of responsibility will also encompass pan-European implantation and adaptation of systems and processes that have a bearing on the company's journalism as well as leading contribution in their implementation.

This will also include continuous optimization and rationalization of work flow in his area.

Staff reporting to him will be managed by objectives. He will ensure their systematic further development of skills.

The holder of this position will be required to demonstrate a high degree self-management and -reflection. Reporting to his superior will be governed by guideline objectives. Company-specific programs and goals will be discussed periodically and decided upon together with his superior.

His activities and decisions have a major impact on company results and signpost the company's direction of development.


A university or college degree in business administration or similar.


More than 8 years.


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