Head Product Planning

Head Product Planning ABC EMEA

The Head will have operative responsibility for product planning of notebooks and 'Mobile Form Factors' (MFF) in the EMEA sales region (Europe, Middle East, Africa). This will include PSI planning for the region in cooperation with the responsible planners for the region as well as the EMEA and Japanese management.

He will manage the planning processes for PSI (procurement, sales, inventory) and product roadmaps based on the information from Company organizations, from competition bench marks and the results of VOC activities ('Voice of Customer').

He will inform the countries on the direction of business and will ensure its implementation. He will determine a pricing strategy for the product portfolio and will ensure its competitiveness.

He will regularly analyze the status of business and of the market environment, and, derived thereupon, will designate corrective measures which he will implement in coordination with Management.

He will be responsible for the analysis and consolidation of user requirements in EMEA markets for notebooks and MFF and for the transfer of such to Country headquarters for future product planning.

He will be responsible for the conception of long-term product strategies and roadmaps with the aim of optimizing product launches, the feature (type of model) and costs.

He will represent the interests of the EMEA region within the scope of worldwide product planning meetings and will lead the YXTeam (virtual product planning team for the region).

His area of responsibility will also include market research, the execution of market and VOC analyses and regular reporting to Management.

Staff reporting to him will be managed based on objectives. He will decide on measures for the improvement of their technological and social skills together with his staff, and will ensure transfer of such to daily routines.

Management by his superior will be determined by defined principles and guidelines. Current programs and goals will be coordinated and decided upon periodically with his superior, whereby the Head of Section will have freedom of decision in work flow and methods.


A university or college degree in business administration or in engineering majoring in marketing or computer science.


More that 5 years in an international sales organization of High Tech industry.


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