Key Account Junior

Key Account Manager ABC XY Junior

The Junior Key Account Manager will, within a pre-defined closely cut area, be in charge of activities within the scope of sales at key accounts and for the expansion of key account business with allocated major customers, for distinct strategic potential customers and Premium Business Partners (ABC) on the German market for Computer Systems.

This will include contribution to the planning of customer-specific sales strategies and to the achievement of turnover goals with the support of his superior or of an experienced peer.

Under guidance and close coordination through his superior will take charge of intensive and entire support and processing of defined and allocated key accounts / major potentials with the aim of maintaining and expanding long-term business development. He will be guided in processing public bids and will prepare offers as well as frame contracts for key accounts.

He will provide for process support of sales partners in key account business with information, counsel and project management under guidance and close coordination by his superior. He will contribute to the planning and implementation of special events for key accounts. Furthermore, will support ABC staff in their sales activities through counsel and providing information.

The tasks are mostly structured and will be achieved based under guidance, or with the support of his superior or of an experienced peer.


A university or college degree in business administration or in engineering.


Less than 3 years in an international sales organization of High Tech industry.


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