Expert Key Account Farmer CS GO

Expert Key Account Farmer CS GO

The Expert will be responsible for independent sales activities to strategic accounts and for the expansion of strategic account business with Computer Systems for allocated key accounts and defined strategic potentials (also within the Global Platinum Solution Program).

This will include independent conception of customer-specific sales strategies and the achievement of sales goals.

He will take over intensive and comprehensive work on defined, allocated strategic accounts / potentials with the aim of ensuring and further expansion of long-term business development.

He will be responsible for the preparation of contractual framework with strategic accounts and will take over the coordination of processes for public bids and the preparation of offers for the sales group.

He will be in charge of control, review, process management and reporting for national strategic projects and assumes the authority of project management.

He will support retailers with information, counsel and with project management for the processes in strategic account business.

Furthermore, his area of tasks will include planning and staging special events for strategic accounts.

He will be responsible for producing and verifying content for the 'Business Community' in the Internet and will support the development of Extranet solutions for strategic accounts.

The tasks will be performed in an independent manner. He will coordinate content and methods for highly complex tasks and topics with intense influence with his superior. General guidance will include periodic review of principle tasks.


A university or college degree in business administration or in engineering.


More than 5 years in an international sales organization of High Tech industry, preferably with experience in Key Account Management.


Ohne Plan, kein Erfolg.


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