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Managing rational and irrational Conduct

As a Cross- Cultural manager, one of the skills you must possess is the understanding, at least at a superficial level, of different types of behavior and their interpretation in one's own culture.

Despite universal, behavior can assume many forms but it can be summarized in two types of behavior: Rational and Irrational.

Always bear in mind that the ability to work with people from other cultures is the key to success as a Cross-Cultural manager and it is your job to aspire and maintain rational conduct inside your team. Try to be understanding and always be non-judgmental. As a manager, you must lead by example, and therefore you must look at problems, not from a relative point of view from an egalitarian stance.

For instance, if a member of your team is Catholic, expect him to be at home with his family in time for Christmas or understand why a Jew won't work on Saturday. They are different, it is a fact but there is no proof of one's superiority over the other. Comprehension and Understanding are at the core of rational behavior. You the employer must seek for rationality in order to avoid conflict

Irrationality stops cohesive work and breaks all forms of communication of a team. Integrity, respect and trust must be maintained in order for communication, creativity and cooperation to be maintained. Deeper observation of interpersonal relations, show that conflicts can be solved with several techniques such as integrate the several cultures; avoid or withdraw from the conflict; compromise; smooth or accommodate the intervention or even dominate him.

The level of concern for yourself and others is definitely what you must observe from a close distance in order to manage irrational conduct and keep the productive behavior you want for your team. Now you have the tools to manage your team.


So, wie ich es sehe, musst Du den Regen manchmal hinnehmen, wenn Du den Regenbogen willst.

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